13-year-old Raises Angel Funding for Virtual Reality Software & Gaming Development Company

13 year old Winston Matthews, an 8th grader at Nysmith School for the Gifted in Herndon, Virginia, has raised $50,000 of angel investor funding for his virtual reality gaming and software development company, Winston Matthews, LLC. The angel around was increased to $80,000 in 2017.

The angel investor behind Winston Matthews, LLC’s first round of funding is Ngana Andrew-Mziray, an investor in the California-based firm Virtual World Arcade and avid supporter of Winston’s work.

“At just 13 years old, Winston is the youngest developer–by far—in California based firm Virtual World Arcade,” said Andrew-Mziray.

“His counterparts are all college graduates with computer science and engineering degrees. And yet, despite all this, Winston has proven himself a very adept and gifted game developer, and is regarded by his older peers as their equal in his capabilities. When I first encountered Winston, he was just 11 years old. Yet even at the young age of 11, I knew immediately he was a very gifted developer and he was a very early adopter in futuristic technology. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his coding and games demonstrate that enthusiasm in every line and move.”

Winston has completed the gaming and software development of his first virtual reality game, “Worst NightBear” and is preparing a commercial launch in California just in time for the Halloween season. Winston is also currently in discussions with East Coast distribution partners. The game will first be launched on the Samsung Gear VR + a custom tracking solution but will be compatible with all the major VR platforms. Winston also produced and engineered the music track to “Worst NightBear”.

“Worst NightBear” was inspired by the numerous stuffed animals that live in Winston’s bedroom since childhood. Ever since he was a baby, Winston’s father would tell a different bedtime story using his stuffed animals as leading characters; they would embark on different breathtaking adventures each night. Every story became a highly coveted competition of which stuffed animals will get to join on that evening’s adventures. Winston would then have vivid dreams of his stuffed animals coming to life including his teddy bears.

His “worst nightmare” would be waking up one night and realizing that he has shrunk to be only 2 inches tall while all his stuffed animals have grown to be 10 feet tall and are now attacking him. He must defend himself by hiding under his bed and other furniture and use the necessary weapons to defeat his teddy bear attackers…thus the title, “Worst NightBear”.