Worst Nightbear

“Worst Nightbear” is a Virtual Reality game developed by 13-year-old Winston Matthews from Washington, DC. In the game, you will find that you have been shrunk to only 2 inches tall, battling stuffed zombears, hellephants, and zombunnies that have come to life and tower over you.

At 13, Matthews is the youngest developer for the California-based VR company Virtual World Arcade. Matthews and VWA have prepared “Worst Nightbear” for commercial launch in California just in time for the Halloween season and are currently in discussions with East Coast distribution partners. The game will first be launched on the Samsung Gear VR + a custom tracking solution but will be compatible with all the major VR platforms.

Jeremy Lam, the CEO of Virtual World Arcade and Former Program Manager of Software Engineering at Microsoft, first invited Matthews to join the VWA Developer Program, pointing to Matthews’ “rare talent in that not only can he code, but he has a strong creative ability, clearly demonstrated in the quality of the design, art, and music he created” for “Worst Nightbear.”

Watch the Worst Nightbear Trailer here:

Right from the beginning, Lam was impressed with Matthews’ abilities, when “at the beginning of the training period, we provided Winston with a game development tutorial that usually takes our developers 1-2 weeks to complete. Winston completed it in 4 days and came back asking us what was next. Within one week, Winston had learned the basics of game development and started writing his own game.”

At the age of 13, Winston is the youngest game developer in the Virtual World Arcade program and the “first to release a game, compatible on all gaming platforms, among our developers of high school and college students, indie developers, and Professional Gaming Studios,” Lam continued. “Worst Nightbear is now running at the Virtual World Arcade in San Jose, CA and generating revenue and positive customer feedback.”

Visit the Worst Nightbear site.